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We’re proud to present GMT Send, our online money transfer platform. The safest way to send money online.  We hope that this will benefit thousands of users, who can now make instant money transfers without leaving home, from work or anywhere you are with your mobile.

We have been working hard to offer you very competitive exchange rates and designing a friendly, easy to use and secure platform, so helping your family or friends back at home becomes a simple and safe experience. You can send money to Mexico, Philippines, Ethiopia and Armenia.

You just need to test our services and check for yourself that we’re your best option. All you need to do to start using GMTSend is:

Go to: and click Sign Up

Learn how to

  • Create an account with Facebook, Google+ or fill the form.
  • Enter your data and payment method.

You will instantly see the exchange rate and the conversion to make it easier.

  • To finish the process just enter your relative or friend’s information for them to receive the cash.
  • Click send

And it’s done!

TIP: If you choose debit, the money will be available in minutes.

Now we’ll just check everything is correct and the transaction will be completed.

Simple, right?

We invite you to consult your doubts and send us any suggestions to improve, contact us.


Sign up and try our service. Go to



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