How to make my first transfer with GMT Send

We want to make easy for you to feel closer to yout friends and family who are living in other countries. Help them has to be easy. that’s why we created a simple procces for you to send money to them.

To test GMT Send and make your first transfer with us, you only need to create your account, fill out a couple of simple formats with your information, the data of the person who will receive the money, the way you will pay and the way you want your receiver collect its money.

Creating your account is extremely easy, once you created it, your next transfers will be much faster and easier. In your account, you can access all your information, movements’ history and review the status of every transaction you’ve made.

We know how important your personal information is, you can be sure that with us is completely safe. Check our privacy statement

Steps to make your first transfer

  • Enter from your computer or mobile device to:
  • Create your account with Facebook, Google+ or fill out the form
  • Set your account data
  • Enter the amount you will send
  • Fill the information of your beneficiary
  • The way you want them to receive its money
  • The way you will pay. You can choose between your bank account or your debit card

Click on Send

And your transfer is finished!

Remember that you can access the status of your transfer whenever you want from your account.

Sign up in GMT Send and see that we are your best option.

If you have any questions about your registration or the process of your transfer do not hesitate to contact our support team: 1-888-702-5656 or


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